H-CMR Multirole Flight Helmet

helicopter helmet doi certified

"For fixed and rotary-wing aircraft."

Why choose it:

  • ultralightweight100%
  • comfort100%
  • noise reduction90%
  • ballistic20%

new design

Innovative design

Highly resistant to impact and penetration, on account of a brand-new design and high-performance materials.



Slightly over one kilogram and ready to fly.


Exceptional level of comfort

Lightweight, homogeneous weight distribution on the head, outstanding grip under NVG or HMDS operations, high level of passive noise reduction, and customizable visors. NVG can be used with the internal visor for eye protection.


Very high passive noise reduction

The best performances in its range.


Outstanding grip

Outstanding grip under NVG or HMDS operations.


Optional oxygen mask integration

DOI USFS helicopter helmet certified

DOI/USFS certified

The only harmonized standard for civilian flight helmets
(helicopter and fixed wings).

Main features

Standard equipment

  • Adjustable double visors
  • Carbon visor housing
  • Modular communication system
  • Auxiliary plug (3.5 jack)
  • CEP plug

Optional equipment

  • ANVIS mount support
  • Maxillo face shield
  • Impedance switch
  • Volume control


  • MEDIUM SHELL: 950g +/- 50 (shell + light cover) including all components and two visors (communication kit not included).
  • LARGE SHELL: 1000g +/- 50 (shell + light cover) including all components and two visors (communication kit not included).
  • XLARGE SHELL Shell: 1050g +/- 50 (shell + light cover) including all components and two visors (communication kit not included).
Communication kit: 230g +/- 20 (two ear cups with speakers, a flex microphone boom, a control unit, a CEP connector, and an additional audio jack).

Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter Helmet

H-CMR SAR version is an entirely WATERPROOF (IP 67) helicopter helmet

The entire helmet has an IP67 rating, including the microphone and the speakers.

The H-CMR SAR version combines the advantages of the normal H-CMR (weight, sound attenuation, comfort...) with a specialized development, in order to adapt to SAR missions and hostile environments.

Maxillo face shield

The maxillo face shield is made of carbon and aramid fabrics, providing lower face protection from rotor wash and debris. Lined with isophonic foam, it allows for clear radio communication, including when the rotor door is open or when standing under the rotor.
- It attaches to the helmet by an easy-to-use coupling/uncoupling mechanism.
- The maxillo face shield is equipped with a safety strap which keeps it anchored to the helmet’s shell, even after releasing it.