Our flight helmets are the result of a whole new development.

To achieve this new generation of aviation helmets, we focus on five main goals: ultralightweight, improved comfort, outstanding grip, modularity, and easy maintenance.

User satisfaction

"Nothing comparable!"

Experienced Jet Team pilot
Helmet : H-CMF

Helmets advantages

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Our full range of aviation helmets is extremely modular. For example, we are able to modify a large part of the outer surface of the H-CMB helmet without reassessing the helmet's certification. If needed, this allows for an easy adaptation of the HMDS and battery pack.
A miniaturized CPU is integrated in the helmet, allowing for helmet adaptation regarding any kind of radio communication impedance, CEP and Hedge Sound (ear plugs), portable radio, and cellphone, without requiring any tools.
- Bi-impedance communication system with an integrated manual switch available.
- Volume control potentiometer available upon customer request.
- Picatini rails on helmet sides available upon customer request.