H-CMF Jet Fighter Helmet

"The H-CMF flight helmet is unique in its kind."

Why choose it:

  • ultralightweight100%
  • comfort100%
  • noise reduction90%
  • ballistic20%

new design

Innovative design

Highly resistant to impact and penetration, on account of a brand-new design and high-performance materials.


Exceptional level of comfort

Lightweight, homogeneous weight distribution on the head, outstanding grip under NVG or HMDS operations, high level of passive noise reduction, and customizable visors. NVG can be used with the internal visor for eye protection.


Optimal visor

Visor shape and color are customizable and are perfectly adapted to the oxygen mask's shape to avoid sunlight entering between the visor and the mask.


Head-borne weight reduction

Reduces fatigue and prevents G-induced loss of consciousness (GLOC) on account of its ultralightweight design. As a result, pilots may perform more long-range missions per day without compromising performance quality.


Locking visor system

The entire helmet, including the locking visor system, is certified up to 625kts.


Modular design for easy HMDS adaptation

Main features

Standard equipment

  • Adjustable double visors
  • Carbon visor housing
  • Modular communication system
  • Auxiliary plug (3.5 jack)
  • CEP plug

Optional equipment

  • ANVIS mount support
  • Impedance switch
  • Volume control


  • MEDIUM SHELL: 1030g +/- 30 including all components and two visors (communication kit not included).
  • LARGE SHELL: 1080g +/- 30 including all components and two visors (communication kit not included).
  • XLARGE SHELL: 1130g +/- 30 including all components and two visors (communication kit not included).
Communication kit: 70g +/- 20 (two ear cups with speakers, a CEP connector, and an additional audio jack).

  • SHOCK ABSORPTION AND COMFORT: shock absorption is provided by high density EPS. Designed to contain and fix the communication system ear cups and allow for a better and more stable fit of the helmet.
  • BAYONET RECEIVERS with very light carbon fiber covers.
  • LOCKING VISOR SYSTEM certified up to 625Kts: safe and easy to use.
  • MODULAR COMUNICATION SYSTEM: Box/basic unit with rapid wiring connectors. PU earmuffs with set of interchangeable hygienic capsules.

Bayonet (oxy) flex boom microphone

The perfect solution to install a boom microphone on an H-CMF fighter helmet. It allows for the alternation between a boom microphone and an oxygen mask.

All the products in the H-CM line have a common logistic line of spare parts and accessories to reduce maintenance and managing costs.
Periodic checks and maintenance are available, offered exclusively by LD Switzerland.