LD Switzerland

Swiss flight helmets with Italian design

LD Switzerland SA is a Swiss company specialized in designing, manufacturing and commercialization of aeronautical helmets, oxygen masks for pilots and pilots’ health monitoring.
It was founded to create innovative products in terms of design, functionality and safety implementing a lot of patented devices/functionnality.

LD Switzerland SA can count on decades of experience of Italian, french and Swiss designers, in the design, development and manufacturing of helmets and human monitoring.
From this huge experience we developped innovative and unique products, manufactured using the best production technologies, in order to ensure higher quality, security standards and comfort than the products currently on the market, in order to become the reference helmet.

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Developping this range of helmets we emphazis on five main goals:

-Extreme lightweight for the whole range of our helmets;

-Improved comfort:
3 different shells to adapt perfectly to pilots-head from 53 up to 65cm heads,
3 different comfort linings thickness for each shell size that completely cover the pilots’ head from the front to the back of the head,
3 different comfort cheek pads thickness to perfectly match with pilots’ ear contours physionomy,
Passive Noise Reduction modular communication system (PNR) patented to reduce up to approximately 45dB depending on noise frequencies. ANR system being implemented as option upon customer request,
Standard 2 visors definition, colors upon customer request, promotes high peripheral vision and head mobility thanks to its design Use NVGs in tandem with the inner-visor for eye protection

-Very good grip on the head under Gs’ allowing to perfectly use NVG or Helmet Mounted Display Systems (HMDS) without any helmets movements;

Our full range of helmets is deeply modular as for example it is possible to modify a large part of the outer surface of H-CMB helmet without reassessing the helmets’ certification allowing easy adaptation of HMCS and battery pack if needed,
A miniaturized CPU (patented) is integrated in the helmet allowing to adapt any kind of impedance, CEP and Hedge Sound (ear plugs), portable radio, personal telephone without use of any tools. It is also very easy to switch from low impedance to high impedance by changing the full communication system without any tools,
Possibility to have as option a double-impedance communication system with an integrated manual switch,
Possibility to have a volume control potentiometer upon customer request,
Possibility to have Picatini rails on the sides of the helmets.

-Easy maintenance:
Fully washable inner comfort parts removable without any tools,
Possibility to change every communication system components without any specific tools thanks to our CPU and specific connectors (patented), All the parts are common to the full range of helmets allowing a unique maintenance shop and very easy to change with only one screw driver and one allen key needed for the whole maintenance,
Possibility to propose electro-accoustic test bench to test both radio cords, right and left speakers, microphones

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